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How get back deleted files from Recycle Bin?

Recycle Bin is the better supportive tool that is given to Windows users. Then it’s totally is determined by an individual how to work with making use with this tool, as it saves all the deleted files/folders which the user doesn’t desire to keep. Recycle Bin is extremely useful as it prevents your data from permanent deletion. Once you delete any file in your system it will goes to the Recycle Bin. So if in future if you feel that you need that delete file, then you can easily restore it returning to the device around the desired location. What happen in case if you delete that file form Recycle Bin also? Losing a crucial is definitely an agonizing situation. Nevertheless it became very common now-a-days, almost 80% computer users across the world are facing data loss problems.

Have you ever emptied your Recycle Bin Folder? If yes, then a first question which strikes in your mind is how to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin. A lot of people feel that it really is impossible to recover Recycle Bin data, since they are unaware wit this proven fact that Recycle Bin recovery is achievable. When you delete files from Trash can it is permanently gone in users view but actually it there, just the reference pointer of that information is erased while the details are still there in the memory. Take a glance on some reasons with the result that files from Recycle Bin get deleted and users have to face the data loss issues.

  • Using shift + delete button combination frequently will skip the file from Recycle Bin and cause permanent deletion of file.
  • Sometime it causes because of human mistake, which can be willingly or unwillingly deletion of files from Recycle Bin.
  • While using system, unexpectedly system shuts down, or at the time of saving the data/file/folder suddenly system crash.
  • File contained in the Bin could get deleted, while increasing or decreasing the size of Recycle Bin.
  • Formatting will erase all your data from Recycle Bin.

Combined with the Recycle Bin data loss scenarios, we’ve got some specific precaution also that has to become follow to avoid data loss situations.

  • Avoid while using shift+ delete combination for deleting files.
  • Always keep checking for that power supply and do change it out if you learn a bit of risk.
  • Use updated anti viruses so as to save from virus attack.
  • Create a strong back up to keep the regularity of data.

If you have accidentally delete files from Bin after a while you find the files was very important to your, then don’t panic. Because right here is the solution to your problem through which you are able to recover you can recover your deleted files effectively. With this particular tool you can recover Recycle Bin Windows on XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 effortlessly. Just make use of trial version of the Recycle Bin recovery tool. If you find the software had done with the recovery as per you need then you can download its full version.




Simplest way to recover deleted partition on WD hard drive

Computers play a vital role in human’s life. Maximum technologies are based on computer systems. What makes the computer so vital for each of us? The answer to this question is data. There are many brands of hard drive present in market, among them WD hard drive is on high demand. For storing data in proper manner and we divide the memory location of hard drive, we split it into partition and these partitions are having their own file system. Windows operating system use FAT and NTFS file system to keep a record of all the data stored in it.

But now-a-days data stored in hard disk is not all safe, even WD hard drive users are going through with the data loss problems. If the partition gets deleted it will results a huge data loss. Have you accidentally deleted partition from WD hard drive? And now wondering for a solution to recover it, then you are in right way. Leave all your tensions aside and download HDD partition recovery tool.  This application can help you to recover deleted partition along with all its files and folders. This software is designed and developed by professionals having years of experience a in the field of data recovery.

Generally while deleting unwanted partition user accidentally delete wrong partition. As partition contains so many file within it, so for this small mistake they have to pay a lot. If you stuck in in such situation and blaming yourself for your mistake. Then stop doing this because from HDD partition recovery still you have a chance to recover your deleted partition. This tool scans the whole hard drive and recovers the deleted partition along with its all files and folders. You can also recover corrupted hard drive data with the help of this tool.

Partition also gets deleted when you reinstall your OS. While reinstalling OS, you have an option to format the partition. But sometime in a hurry, user’s select delete partition option which in turn results in data loss. At this condition make use of HDD partition recovery software and restore your lost data back.  This software recovers the delete partition as it was before deletion. When a partition is deleted it is no longer recognized by the system, whereas the data from that partition is intact and can be recovered back. By using a partition recovery tool such as HDD partition recovery you will be able to recover your important files and folders from the deleted partition.

Losing precious data is such a painful situation. So whatever will be the reason for partition deletion, use HDD partition recovery application. This recovery software has specially designed algorithms that look for deleted files on hard drive partition by identifying files based on unique file signatures. This software can recovers deleted partitions from various hard drive brands such as: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Kingston, Samsung and many more. The software has a free trial version, by using the trial version you can judge the functionality of the software. From here you can choose its trial version. It facilitates you to preview the recovered files before restoration. However, to save the recovered data you have to buy the licensed version of the software.






Software to execute Kingston memory card recovery

A memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage device which is often used by the people for storing digital information. Memory cards are produced by different manufactures like Kingston, Transcend, Scandisk and many more. In comparison with other brands Kingston memory cards have high storage capacity and they are simple to use data storage devices which are employed for many devices like digital camera, laptop, computers, MP3, mobile phones and video game consoles.

Digital information includes pictures, audio files, video clips etc. Data loss from the Kingston memory card or any other storage drives is now becoming a common problem for most of the users across the globe. However, Kingston memory card recovery software’s have made things easier for the regular users of memory cards to recover their lost data from Kingston memory card.

Look at a scenario where while previewing images on your camera with Kingston memory card you may delete some of your precious pictures accidentally when trying to delete some unwanted photos. This could be one of the most horrible situations because the images were very much important to you. You must be worried and thinking how can you restore data lost from the storage device. Just chill, you will be surprised to know that by making use of card recovery software it is simple to retrieve images from Kingston storage device. Besides accidental deletion of image, there are some more data loss scenarios which you may experience in your further usage of Kingston storage device.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Unknowingly formatting the memory card or any other data storage device because of “Format errors” encountered when connected to a computer.
  • Suddenly taking out the data cable of camera, external hard disk drive or cell phone from PC when the file transfer process is going on.
  • Capturing pictures when the digital camera is low on battery corrupts the memory card used in it causing loss of data.
  • Faulty firmware of camera or camcorder corrupts the memory cards resulting in loss of precious pictures stored in it.
  • Abrupt termination of PC because of continuous power variations leads to loss of data.

It doesn’t matter the way you have lost your data, if you’re lost or deleted data is not overwritten by any new data then you can certainly restore them back by using card recovery software. This recovery software can also perform WD hard drive file recovery just in couple of minutes.

This application can retrieve all types of files like picture, audio songs, video clips etc by making use of file signature search. Employing this software you can even restore files from Samsung laptop that doesn’t boot. Card recovery tool supports data recovery on Windows as well as Mac based computers. Moreover you can even make use of this software to recover media files from USB flash drive, hard drive, pen drive or any other memory device. This program is made with simple user interface to undelete images from Kingston memory card at your fingertips.

Obtain the demo version of the tool and install it on the hard disk of your system. After installation run the application and choose appropriate recovery options which you get when you are using the software. Once your data restoration process is done you can judge the functionality of the tool and if you are pleased with the results you can get its full version available online.

Outlook PST file repair software

Microsoft Outlook is very popular email client for the present day users. Outlook provides you to use all the mail account objects like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, folders, journals, etc in offline mode also. Because Outlook downloads all your mail account details from Server data base on to the hard drive of the system on which your Outlook profile is present. You can manage multiple mail accounts in a single Outlook profile.

Outlook provides you to access the data of your mail account even in offline mode. The files in Outlook are stored with the file extension .pst and a single file contains all the mail account objects like emails, tasks, folders, contacts, calendar, appointments, folders, etc. Even the Outlook PST files get corrupt because of many reasons. The files encounter different situations in which the file becomes corrupt or damaged or inaccessible.

The reasons behind PST file corruption are stated here:

  • Re-installation of OS – When the operating system is re-installed some times during the process it forces you to format the hard drive on which PST files reside. By doing so you lose all the data on the drive including PST files.
  • Header file corruption – If the PST header file gets corrupt due to some errors or malware then PST file becomes corrupt.
  • Oversized PST – Each PST file will be provided certain memory space on the hard drive. If the data on that PST file exceeds the limit then the file goes corrupt due to oversize.
  • Improper termination – If the system suddenly shut down while you are working on Outlook PST file then the file may get corrupt and errors out when tried to open.
  • Migration of Outlook – Assume that you were using Outlook 2007 and then changed the version to Outlook 2010. During the process if any errors encountered then chances of PST file corruption is more.
  • Virus attack – If system hard drive is virus affected then files on the drive becomes inaccessible and thus PST files which are stored on drive becomes corrupt.

When the PST file becomes corrupt the files should be repaired using either inbuilt repair tool or third party repair tool. Inbuilt scanpst.exe can scan PST files and repair the file data. But if the file is heavily damaged then the inbuilt repair tool cannot repair the file. Hence you have to prefer third party repair tool to repair highly damaged PST files. The repair tool can scan Outlook 2010 PST file and easily recovers all its attributes. It supports on various versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista and XP. The features of the software are as follows:

  • Effectively repairs all outlook PST objects like emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, journals, etc.
  • Repairs broken PST files, password protected and encrypted PST files.
  • Repairs all PST files from various versions of MS Outlook like Outlook 2007, 2003, 2010, 2000.
  • Repairs highly damaged PST files and recover all data from it.
  • Easily repairs PST files that are corrupted due to virus attack.
  • Repairs and recovers oversized PST file data effectively.

The repair tool can be utilized to recover all mail account attributes that are corrupt or inaccessible. The software repairs the PST file and recovers all the file objects to store it in new location. And if you wish to use this repair utility to repair any PST file download the trial version of the software. Install the software on the system from which you want to repair PST file and run it. If the software efficiency is good, then you can opt for complete software.

Approach to retrieve data after formatting Windows partition

Suppose you have a personal computer with Windows operating system installed in it. In order to use the enhanced features of the Windows 7 operating, you decided to upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. Suddenly while upgrading the operating system an error message “unidentified file system- format your drive partition now” was generated which made the device unbootable. Later in order to boot the OS and access your important data you formatted your Windows hard drive partition following the error message. This made you to suffer severe loss of your valuable data saved in the hard drive partition.

Now you must worried and thinking that you lost your entire data permanently, but it’s not the case data after formatting the hard drive will not be lost forever. The operating system only deletes the pointer and marks the space as free to add new data. Avoid using the formatted drive partition to store any new file as this will overwrite your original data which makes data recovery impossible. However, if you have not added any files then you try Windows unformat partition data recovery tool which can effectively restore the lost data from formatted Windows hard drive partition.

Windows operating system is designed by Microsoft. It comes up with various versions like Vista, Windows 7, XP and windows 8. Most of the people format their Windows hard drive partition because formatting creates a storage medium which allows you to store wide range of digital information on the hard drive of your system. These hard disk drives further divide the memory into multiple tracks and sectors called partitions which helps you to separate your system files from application files.

In this growing world of digital technology losing data from any data storage device has become a major issue. Here are few more reasons of data loss which you may face in your future.

Reason for data loss from Windows hard drive partition:

  • Deletion of significant files and folders from Windows drive partitions when the user formats the hard disk in order to make system free from viruses.
  • Data loss from Windows hard drive partition when the user formats their hard drive to speed up system performance and delete some of the waste applications present on the hard drive.
  • During re-installation of OS, due to some registry errors you may tend to format your hard drive partition which in turn causes loss of valuable data.
  • Accidentally formatting wrong partition containing important data during multiple operating system installation may also lead to data loss.
  • Abrupt termination of your personal computer while transferring files may corrupt the data structure of the stored files resulting in loss of data.
  • In case if you eject your storage device improperly without using safely remove hardware option then this may corrupt the file system and thus leading to data loss.

The reason behind losing data may differ but the ultimate result will be same i.e. loss of your important data. Thus after data loss because of any of the reasons mentioned above just go for some powerful data recovery software to get back your lost data from formatted hard drive. Windows unformat data recovery tool can efficiently unformat Windows at faster speed by making use of necessary data recovery modules. This tool can easily work on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions. By using this software you can undelete data after quick formatting of hard disk on all the versions of Windows operating system. This utility also supports data recovery on various kinds of digital data storage devices like USB drives, iPods, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards etc. by few clicks of your mouse.

Obtain the demo version of the data recovery software and install it on hard disk of your computer. Now run the recovery program and choose the proper recovery options which you might come across while using recovery tool. As soon as your recovery process gets over you can judge the functionality of the software and if it meets your desired requirements you can get its full form available on the internet.

Compact flash card recovery utility

What is a compact flash card? What is the main advantage in using the compact flash card and where it fits perfectly? Is it possible for compact flash card data recovery?

I am using a Nikon DSLR camera which uses a san disk compact flash card .unfortunately many of my images are lost while using the card in different operating systems. Now the card is unable to mount .I need some images which are of high importance is there any easy way to recover those images?

Unpredictably my memory card switched from FAT file system to NTFS file system. Is it possible to recover files from a data loss due to change in file system?

Compact flash card is one of the external storage devices where the imaging and other higher end consumer devices such as canon flagship. It is similar to that of other external storage drives such as pen drive, memory cards etc .It is highly compatible and portable which makes it so popular and wide usage .It has a good storage capacity and high speed of data transfer which helps in storing and retrieving high resolution images which are comparatively large in size. Yes there is a good account of possibility in recovering the datas from the Compact Flash cards until and unless the datas memory is not reused.

Used In Digital camera devices.

In Nikon DSLR type cameras make use of the CF cards particularly for the reason large data storage and easy data transfer of large high resolution images .The unmount problem is because of using the CF card in one or more operating system in parallel .There are several recovery tools available in the internet market .Choose the best choice for this .Here is one of the valuable tool but let go for a paid version.

Change in file system

Well most of the compact flash cards make use of FAT file system and it is widely accepted by almost all the operating systems. It’s not a wise thought to change the file systems of the storage devices because while changing user need to format the memory card which indirectly lead to a data loss scenario .Only a few recovery tools that have the strength by its side to recover datas which are lost due to the change of the file system and it also should be capable of recovering files of any format. A utility of that kind is given below.

Some of the information that takes tool to the front in the recovery market is

  • Ø It is capable of recovering files which may be lost or deleted due to deletion ,partition and data lost due to the change in file system
  • Ø Supports user defined files which contains a unique signature patterns
  • Ø Free from all vulnerability issues and high free from malware too
  • Ø Supported by both widely used operating systems such as windows and MAC
  • Ø It also provides option to save session as it helps in saving time and futuristic usage
  • Ø Good in restoring large and high resolution images from CF cards, MMC cards, SD cards etc. It also recovers data from internal and external hard drives

To download and install does not want to be a technocrat or highly skilled personnel .A common computer with internet knowledge is highly enough .Two things the user have to be sure of is in windows turn off the UAC settings and it’s not recommended for People use this for recovering files in HFS file system as it is a complicated one. First go for the trial version if satisfied move to the paid one.


Tool to recover Formatted Hard drives

A hard disk drive is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating discs that are coated with magnetic material. It retains its data even when the power is OFF. Data is read in a random-access manner, that is individual blocks of data can be stored or retrieved in any order rather than just sequentially. Your entire data is going to be stored on this hard drive. There are many types of hard drive available. Among them few are Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA), Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) etc.
Hard disk plays a crucial role in data storage and therefore need to be handled carefully. Sometimes, you lose data as a result of your negligence or urgency. When formatting your hard disk, one must be very careful and ensure you have taken backup of your data stored on hard disk, because formatting a drive erases all your data present on that drive. You can find many such situations in your life.
Are you aware, just a virus infection to a single file might lead to formatting of the hard disk! Yes, it could happen because I faced such situation. At times before when I was downloading movies from internet, one of my file got infected by virus. I used much anti-virus software to delete the virus but my attempts were failed. Also it was multiplying so badly that entire file system got corrupted and I didn’t have any other option besides formatting drive. But, within this tension I forgot to take the backup of the data on my hard drive and I lost my data. Fortunately, couple of days before while surfing in internet I had read about the software that will do formatted hard drive recovery efficiently and quickly. Without putting things off, I just downloaded that software and run. I was so surprised that my lost data was recovered. The software that solved the problem is Hard Drive data Recovery software.
This isn’t the only real situation where one can make use of this software. There are many scenarios in which you accidentally format your drive and then regret. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes due to some errors you will not be allowed to access your computer data and you’ll be forced to format the drive
  • Virus infection to the file system also contributes to formatting the drive
  • While reinstalling the OS you need to format the drive, if you haven’t taken the backup of the data your entire data is going to be lost
  • Improper partitioning of the drive will also result in formatting
  • When you’re changing the file system you should format your drive

In the above situations, you need to take back up else you’ll lose your data. Don’t get panic! Even though you lose data, this software can recover your complete formatted data within couple of minutes. This software can even perform formatted SATA hard drive recovery. The key features of this software are:

  • Recovers data from formatted hard disk drives
  • Has efficient and fast scanning algorithm which takes few minutes to scan the complete drive
  • Recovers data from the formatted partition, even after re installing the OS
  • Can also recover files from crashed or non-booting hard drives
  • Supports file recovery from different drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE hard disks
  • Provides “Save Recovery session” option which avoids the re-scanning of one’s lost data so we can resume the process simply by opening the saved session


If you have lost your data as a result of formatted hard disk, then just follow these few easy steps :


  1. Just click here and download the software  and install it on your computer
  2. Launch the application now select “Recover Partitions / Drive”
  3. Click on “Formatted / Re formatted Recovery”, now you can choose the drive from which data has to be recovered
  4. Press “Next” and the scanning process starts
  5. You may also see the file by using “Preview” option and choose the files for recovery
  6. Once you buy the software, you can save the recovered files


Good Tool to Recover Windows Files

I am using a windows 7 OS.I upgraded it from windows vista but I forget to take backup of some important programs which are installed in my logical drive .Is it possible to recover those files?

I lost one of my important document file while reinstalling windows. The file is stored in the desktop of the previous versioned OS.Is it possible for windows file recovery in my PC? If that so please tell me how?

My system got corrupted due to some unknown virus and my antivirus deleted files in the system which is located in the same location with the virus files. Is there any easy way to recover those files?

When it comes to recover a windows file is not a tough task but it’s highly dependent on the file type and scenario at which instance the file is deleted. When you are using a windows operating system there is a easy way provided by Microsoft which by default takes backup of the logical drive only when you update it. If you are reformatting you drive then it’s advised to go with a good recovery tool. The tool will search for the available deleted and lost files in the mentioned drive by the user .If the memory of the deleted files is over written or damaged then the percentage of recovering the lost files is of negligible value.

 Does a word document 2007 file is recoverable in the same manner?

Losing a document file permanently or getting rid of that file is not advisable .It is better to keep it in the recycle bin. As restoring those files will be a much easier task. In the case of permanent deletion or windows reinstallation or a drive being formatted the file can be recovered using one of the recovery tools in the internet market .The recovery tool must be capable of restoring data’s even from re sized hard drive volumes

What to do when the needed file is associated with the virus file?

In the case of virus infected window operating system it is better to go with the re installation of the OS or formatting the hard drive but it is necessary to back up the files which are needed .When it comes to recovery scenario it’s a highly complicated task to isolate the necessary files from the virus infected files .A good recovery software has the ability to recover only the necessary files without accessing the virus infected files. If it is possible to find such good quality software then it’s a much easier task to recover virus infected files.

How to find good recovery software?

Good reputed recovery software must not only satisfy the above scenarios but also it should capable of recover almost huge number file formats such as doc, mp3 etc. It must have the potentiality to recover the system files also such as the .dll and .exe files .It should be capable of recovering user defined files too. One of a bolt from the blue is mentioned below.

The strong points that support this software are mentioned here.

  • Ø It supports all the latest versions of windows operating systems which are widely used both in corporate and home user.
  • Ø It supports more than 300 file formats and also it is capable of recovering user defined file formats
  • Ø Since it is certified by some of the best industrial standards that provides solution measures against cyber problems .It is free from all vulnerable activities such as malware, viruses etc.
  • Ø It also helps to recover data’s even from a deleted partition or a re sized hard drive volume.

To download and install the tool doesn’t require a complicated skill or in-depth knowledge .The person with basic computer knowledge is well enough to download, install and handle the software. One thing to be kept in mind is don’t try to install the software in the same volume or drive which contains recoverable data’s as it may cause a forever damage to the files.


How to Bring Back Erased Photos

These days’ everyone is much used to with the digital cameras considering that the strategy of capturing photos is incredibly simple and it doesn’t need to have a great effort to hold the specific photos properly. There exists an excellent collection of configurations, using which you will have the ability to capture photographs prior to your individual desire. Accessibility of each of the features is definitely an advantage however storing the photographs is often a large problem available for you. This task has determined by the space availability on the memory, found in the digital cameras. Hence, the possibilities of losing data from your SD card have risen daily. Any time these particular preserved photos might get deleted or perhaps, receive damaged. But, you don’t have to be concerned in regards to this problem. The advanced software will recover deleted picture, intended to conquer every possible reason regarding image deletion.

This amazing software supplies the functions to get back erased as well as lost photographs. If we lost any images or photographs from the hard disk, which is vital that you professionally, then it is crucial that you restore these photos anyhow from the hard disk drive. If we miss the images there is not any other method to regain those images again since it was without the help of the photo recovery tool. Therefore, you come for the recovery software that will recover data from flash drive or in the computer drives with no additional difficulties for your current photographs. Merely you need to understand that this particular pictures should not get overwritten using any type of fresh photos. Thus, as soon as the images get deleted, quit the SD card or maybe your PC hard disk so the wiped files will not be overwritten.
People never wish to lose their images; however, some responsible scenarios may cause the picture file loss. Without any doubt, parallels, eliminating photos in the hard drive or formatting your memory will not bring about long-term. If someone attempts to take out intentionally any image, the photos remains of your device. With the entire storage device on any unit and further using the same memory card on some other device can cause file loss. Nevertheless, it is not the finish. It is possible to restore deleted photos from your computer, already deleted in the personal computer.
Repairing images is likely being performed quickly with all of up-to-date facilities. It could be a simple to operate application; anyone without zero technical knowledge can easily do the full method. It is so easy to go back your lost images. This is actually the software where not all of us should be worried about the file format of the photo. Operate handles your restoration of just about all purchases of the image files. Using the free trial edition from the software program, you’ll be able to test it. If you need the application, you will get the identical anytime.

Easy way to recover lost USB files

Lost your important files? Don’t worry they can be recovered. First, let’s understand what is a file. File is a collection of related data and information and it is identified by a unique name. Files can contain any type of data like audio, video, text etc. In order to manage these files there are different file systems. Based on the operating system the file system changes. Some of the commonly used file systems are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT for Windows and HFS+, HFSX for Mac. Even in external drives like SD cards, pen drives and some others, data will be stored in the form of files and the default file system for these devices is FAT16.

No matter how careful you are, there are situations where you delete your important files unknowingly or accidentally by pressing “shift +delete”. As a result of this action, files will not even be sent to recycle bin they bypass the recycle bin. Now, you feel that your file is lost permanently, but this is not the case. Actually, when a file is deleted, file will not be deleted, only the pointer or the handle used to identify and retrieve the file will be deleted. Your data or file remains safe on your hard drive but it will not be accessible and can be recovered. Nowadays, you can find many utilities which can scan the whole drive and recover or unerase such inaccessible files until and unless they are overwritten by other files. One such good utility that can unerase file that are deleted or erased is File Undelete Software.

There are many scenarios where a file can be deleted; some of those are listed below:

  • Virus infection to the file results in deletion of the file
  • Accidentally formatting the hard drive or any external drive also causes file deletion
  • Severe Power outage and abruptly shutting down the system leads to data deletion
  • Improper shut down of your PC while transferring the data from USB
  • Abruptly removing the USB Device from the PC without ejecting it leads to deletion of USB Files
  • File system break down also leads to deletion of a file
  •  Improper Partitioning or re-formatting the hard drive

This software can be used to unerase all files that are lost due to any of the scenarios mentioned above. Not only your hard drive files, but can also unerase USB files deleted from your USB drive. For people those who have lost files, I suggest you to use this software because of its following key features:

  • Helps to unerase missing or lost text, audio, video, images files
  • Supports fast and easy recovery of files that are emptied from recycle bin and those have bypassed the recycle bin
  • Recover files from formatted partitions and files lost during windows reinstallation
  • Supports recovery of files lost from external hard drives, Flash memory cards etc.
  • Provides an option to view the recovered files in order to check the chances of recovery.
  • By using “Save Recovery Session” option you can resume the recovery process.


To recover all your deleted and lost files click here and follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Install the software on your Windows OS
  2. Launch the application and select “Recover files”
  3. Click on “Recover Deleted files” and select the drive which has to be recovered
  4. Scanning process will start, once it is completed, you can view the files in the form of “Data view” or “File type View”.
  5. Click “Preview” to view the files before recovery
  6. Now, save the scanning process by clicking “Save Recovery Session” option, to avoid re-scanning of the drive.
  7. If you are satisfied by the results, you can purchase the software
  8. By selecting “Open Recovery Session” option , you can resume the recovery process
  9. Save the recovered files in location of your choice


Things to Remember: Whenever data is lost or deleted, stop using the system, there are chances of overwriting the data. This leads to permanent deletion of data beyond recovery.







Recovery of PST file to avoid data loss

Loss of data is typical thing to happen with people. Just in case when you have deleted or else you have lost your important files then what can you do. Suppose if in case, you have deleted the file and emptied the Windows Recycle Bin, then what can be done to have the data back? Such question will probably be answered within the article.

Lost files or file after deletion can recovered. There are several sources that could bring your lost data back, sources like backups, restoring points etc. Files will probably return to you, in same condition as it was before loss, if creation of backups and restoring points are done properly. If you have created restoring points, still the recovery from the files cannot guarantee. Why the recovery of files can’t be guaranteed? Because of file system inside the hard disk, whenever there is a deletion of files then actually the files is not deleted nevertheless it remains in there. However, if these left files are overwritten with a few other data then there might be less opportunity to recover the data. Defragmentation can also be other reason for loss of data.

When the files is deleted then the allocation information of files (the information that may access the files) is removed as soon as it is gone then it means it is gone forever. Then only the data within it may be recovered and that too by using recovery software. Suppose when you have lost, your PST file from the system then what can recover the lost PST files. Outlook PST file recovery is easy to perform as well as other format files may also be recovered. This can be done easily using the recovery software.

a) The easy way to get back all files is to apply the restoring points if created or choose the backups of files. In addition, if those two options usually are not accessible to you then there is just one option left and that’s the option for recovery. Recovery software needs to be found in an action and this will recover the file in contiguous fashion. Therefore, when the recovery is brought into action then it’s going to completely recover all the lost and deleted files from your desire locations.

b) The software provides the facilities to scan the hard disk completely to recuperate the data. Once the scanning of data is completed then each of the files accessed information can be retrieved. The software also supplies the facilities to input the signature of the files and to recover the files.

An Outlook PST file is important for Outlook that is a client side tool. The PST file is for Outlook that keeps all the data about the emails in Outlook. However, many times these files gets corrupted to cause loss of emails in the system. This corruption of file can also happen when importing of files is completed using the inbuilt tool of Outlook. However, you can fix Outlook after improper import. The files may be healed after corruption while using this software and will return the complete and updated file as before.

Collections of recovery software programs are not too easy. Number of software assure for complete recovery but fails to do so. Better, you may get the trial sort of the application and can judge it on your requirements.

A proper way to undelete iPod photos

IPods are portable media players that are manufactured and marketed by the Apple Inc. IPod has exciting features like Radio is to apply live pause option. You can turn the iPod Nano into a stylish timepiece. Another feature is perhaps you can keep the songs when it’s needed. ITunes is considered the most important feature in iPods. The iTunes can be an application the place you can organize the media files, you could have fun playing the songs and you will watch the videos. With iTunes you will be able to download the applications for iPod and you may download the newest songs or videos. However, loss of media files from iPods sometimes happens due to various reasons. This could cause loss of songs, videos and images from your iPod. But nothing to worry since iPod files that are deleted or lost can be recovered by making use of efficient media file recovery software. Think that you have accidentally deleted a few precious images from the iPod and do not have a data backup. In such an instance, the best photo recovery tool will let you to get back the deleted photos from iPod.

The loss of iPod data sometimes happens on account of various situations. A few vital scenarios in which loss of files on iPod can occur are briefly described as follows.

  • Firmware corruption: When firmware in iPods gets corrupted then iTune displays an error message that “it can’t update iPod because iPod software update was corrupted you are not found”. Therefore iPod data inaccessible towards the user although media files remain present on the iPod.
  • Accidentally ejecting an iPod: In case you have connected an iPod to computer from a data cable given with your iPod and you have got abruptly unplugged the iPod during synchronization process it may result in loss of music, video and image files.
  • Accidentally restoring the iPod: In the event you accidentally restore the iPod while using the “Restore” option provided in iTunes then a media files stored on the iPod could possibly be deleted or lost.
  • Improper synchronization: If you connect iPod to computer it will automatically synchronize while using iTunes. If iTune will not synchronize on account of some error then it will display an error message that “Attempt to copy for the disk <iPod name>, the disk cannot be read from or written to”. Take place you can find chances of losing the media files stored on the iPod.

Anyhow, the media files lost or deleted due to above mentioned disaster situations cannot be permanently removed from the iPod memory. Instead the pointers pointing to the deleted media files are reset and the storage area is made free for storing a new data. So the conclusion is you can easily undelete iPod photos, music files and even video files, which are deleted by accident. For doing deleted iPod files recovery you have to make use of any suitable media file recovery software.

However, it is possible to retrieve files from iPod by making use of efficient iPod recovery software. The trial sort of iPod file software will let you to preview the recoverable photos, songs and videos. It will save you the recovery session using “save recovery session” option provided from the free demo type of iPod recovery software. You can get the demo tool prior to buy the software and make it to try. After purchasing a certified form of the software it is possible to load the session and save the recovered deleted photos, songs and videos from the iPod. Using this option user may check perhaps the required media files are recovered or otherwise. This can also recover the deleted media files from the several types of iPods like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Mini. This efficient file recovery tool recovers the deleted or lost files while using different file formats.

The Best Software to Recover Lost MP3 Files from USB

Many people use USB drives to store data. USB drives are very small and portable device you can carry anywhere with ease. These are used to store data or to transfer data from one device to another device. The memory uses in USB drive is of a non-volatile data storage drive because this doesn’t need power supply when they are inactive that means USB drives are active only when they are plugged into a USB port. Almost all people used to scan the USB drive when it is connected to the computer. Sometimes this antivirus scanning may also lead to deletion of files e.g. if you are having a USB drive and you want to transfer the stored MP3 file from USB drive into your system then you need to connect it. So, as soon as you connect the USB drive to your computer your antivirus starts to scan USB drive. If this antivirus finds any virus in USB drive of MP3 files then its effect on your file then it will delete complete MP3 file, which leads to data loss. In such a case if you don’t have any backup then what will you do? To recover lost mp3 files from USB you have to use MP3 recovery tool. This software helps you to recover all lost MP3 files including MP4, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AMR etc from USB drive.

There are many more reasons due to which you may lose your data from USB drive. For that you should be aware that, how your data get deleted or missed from USB drives. Some of those reasons are like,

  • USB drive contains FAT and NTFS file system to store data which may get corrupt due to virus infection.
  • If you eject your USB drive abruptly then it may result in loss of data.
  • Many times you may accidently format USB drive or delete all data from USB drive by using Shift+Delete keys.
  • During transferring files from USB drive to computer if any error like abruptly system shutdown due to power loss may lead to loss of data.

These are very common reasons which lead to loss of stored data from USB drive. In such situation you can take some precautions to avoid such type of loss of data. Some of those are like,

  • You can keep updated antivirus to avoid virus infection.
  • Remove the USB drive from a computer in a proper way.
  • The best way is to keep regular backups of data from USB drive.

USB drive recovery is very easy with the help of USB drive recovery software. The software helps you to recover all lost data like audio files, video files, photos from USB drive. The software helps you to restore around 300 types of files. The software is compatible with Windows latest versions like Windows Vista, windows 7, and Windows XP. You can download free trial version of the software from the web.



SD card recovery tool

What is SD card?

Owning a Digital camera is something very great not only for the users who want to become a professional photographer but also for the people who are new to photography. This is because; a digital camera allows you to click pictures, through which you can preserve your sweet memories in the form of pictures. In it you can also delete unwanted pictures and transfer pictures to your computer or any kind of storage device according to the convenience. SD (Secure Digital) card is a type of memory card which has volatile flash memory and is designed in a manner so as to provide high storage capacity in small size. Generally, digital cameras use SD card to save all its data.

What is the need of picture recovery?

We rely on digital camera just like we do on mobile phones. However, once in a while there are scenarios under which we lose data from SD card. What happens when SD card of your digital camera gets corrupt or damage or you accidentally format it? As a result, you lose all your precious files from the SD card. These kinds of data loss problems are becoming very common now days. To solve this common problem picture recovery is the only way.

Is recovery is possible?

People often say that the deleted or lost file can never be recovered back, but let me tell you one thing that those people have wrong prediction. It is possible to recover pictures from SD card by using advance picture recovery tool. Picture recovery tool restore your deleted or erased pictures within few mouse clicks. With this tool you can even recover formatted pictures from SD card.

Data loss scenarios on Digital cameras

  • Sometime data automatically vanish from your SD card.
  • Forcible removal of SD card also leads to the data loss.
  • Using same digital card in several digital camera.
  • While in hurry, people just turn off their system without thinking that the card is connected.
  • If a file system of the card is corrupted than it fails to mount with the system it is one of the major reasons for the data loss from SD card.

How recovery is possible?

When you delete any file from your SD card, the file is not completely lost. The reason behind this is that whenever you delete a picture, video file from your SD card the file will not get deleted permanently instead the pointers pointing to that particular file are erased and marked as free to use. Actually the file which is deleted or not visible to you but is still present on the SD card until new file is added on it. Possibility of data recovery is very high if your overwritten your old data with the new one. Through picture recovery tool you can recover all lost files and folders effectively.

Features of the picture recovery software

Picture recovery software can recover your lost or deleted pictures with in its original form. You can even recover file which are in compressed manner, it scans the entire drive and search the lost data on the bases of its header and footer. It can recover pictures from other external drives also like USB drives, Fire wire drives, iPods etc. Demo version of this tool is available, go ahead and try it to retrieve deleted or lost files from your SD card. In it you can resume the recovery in between and save your recovery any time by using “Save Recovery Session”. Have a preview of your recovered files prior to data restoration. If you’re happy with its feedback then go for its complete version to save your recovered file in desire location.

An advanced flash card recovery tool

There are several forms of flash cards available in market like compact flash card and flash memory card. A Compact Flash (CF) card is a generally used memory card produced and marketed by SanDisk. CF card is definitely a small card that utilizes flash memory for storing the info. A CF card makes data simple to place in to a number of computing devices for example DG cam, music player, desktop or laptop computer, photo printer, personal digital assistant (PDA), and digital audio recorder. However, many times you accidentally delete some important files from a compact flash card. In such type of a condition, to be able to recover deleted or lost flash card data, you have to make utilization of an advanced flash card recovery software.

Compact flash card is a popular card preference to use with digital cameras also personal digital assistants (PDAs). Ultra Compact Flash is a high-end version that is optimized for more demanding photography for example a quickly shot sequence of high-resolution pictures, or pictures of a moving subject. Ultra CF card comes with a transfer rate two times those of SanDisk’s standard memory cards so that data can be quickly saved and the camera might be getting ready to capture an additional image. However, the CF card may become corrupt or damage on account of various disastrous situations leading to loss of data. When this occurs, you will get one of the following error messages once you attempt to access the CF card information.

• An error message requesting to format the compact flash card.

• An error message proclaiming that the compact flash card is not formatted.

• An error message indicating that the compact flash card is anomalous.

In order to resolve the problem when above error occurs and recover flash card data after format error, backup your compact flash card data and format your memory card in the file system your device supports that. Consider the error continues you must format the memory card making use of your digital camera or other portable device by which card is employed. Suppose, when you have accidentally formatted the compact flash card and backup is not available then this kind of an incident may lead to loss in compact flash card data.

Anyhow, not even attempt to worry the majority of people are conscious of files, which can be lost because of formatting of memory card are not erased permanently from the memory card. You can also recover flash card data after formatting it with the help of flash card recovery software. This is a potent data recovery tool that will recover pictures from memory stick, compact flash card, SD card, xD card and MMC. This utility is helpful in a variety of loss of data situations include flash card format error, accidental formatting, and corruption of memory card etc. You can download the trial version of the flash card recovery tool in order to analyze software working and efficiency before purchasing the full version.

Different tools used to do data recovery from SD cards

Digital cameras, mobiles and many more devices are there in which SD Cards are used to save the data. SD card is secure digital cards which are actually used to save digital files. When used in cameras then are very important as they save one’s precious moments of life in the form of picture, videos and when used in cell phone to save different data in.

Basically card fall into different categories that is mini card and micro card, and depending on the size they are used in different devices. Macro card are used in mobiles, laptops and sometime to create backups whereas if used in camera then videos and pictures are saved in it as they are captured by camera and have only one option to get saved.

But as SD card is saving device and used for storage that means it also come in the category of that devices which have threat to lose data. Therefore comparing other devices if recovery is possible with other device then it is sure there will have the ways to do SD card data recovery.

First question that would strike your mind and that is how to recover deleted files from SD card?

It’s like a night mare comes true if you find that your precious files or photos are lost from SD cards.

These night mare can be avoided just by following few precautionary steps that will definitely save you from data loss and rest other things will go in very easy way.

Seeking for some of the scenarios results in data loss, there are seen some ways which results in data loss and that are not the reason but are the human conducts which results in data loss.

1. Establishing a connection with the device holding your card could be dangerous as system may be infected with virus and will surely lead to data loss.
2. Reformatting/formatting is done to empty the space and if done unintentionally then this could be the reason for loss and also this is the primary data loss reasons.
3. While saving files or clicking picture through cameras if the device gets switched off then gets then might there will be the corruption of data.

So these are only the conducts and can be avoided and later escape from one’s data from loss.

Backup creation is important with every aspect as it can save your data from complete loss and preserve your data and also can save you from doing recovery.

Formatting and reformatting of card have to be done very carefully as this could delete all you data even if you want to keep it.

Inserting the card to the device must be done very carefully as there could be viruses and the infected system can lead the card to damage and even to inaccessible state.

But if this precaution fails then you can download the software from internet to do the recovery and further you will be enriched with the data.

OST to PST files converter software

OST is define as the offline file format for the recovery of the information in MS Outlook where OST abbreviate as offline storage table. They are usually used in offline mode. It works well in a specific area where Outlook is configured with the exchange server in order to communicate and share the information. The benefit of OST file is that you can simply access all the files which are stored in Outlook without getting attached to the Exchange Server. OST file let you access the file remotely and you may easily edit, delete or save any file. The changes that you simply made will get updated after you get connected with an Exchange Server.

PST is nothing but a personal storage table. It is a storage location on the hard drive. Every item of the Outlook for example notes, calendars, etc are stored in .pst file. You may already know that, OST file is capable to create the exact replica of PST file. Therefore, it’s required to repair the corrupted OST file in order to convert it into PST File format. If it’s not working because of any reasons, then this conversion can help you to keep the backup of your data.

Once, the OST file gets corrupted, and you are probably not able to access it. Outlook offers an import & export wizard which helps you to import and export all the mails from OST to PST files. This is actually the most ordinary method of converting OST to PST files. But, this wizard may fails to work occasionally. In that case, you might lose your mails, which is compulsory to use a third party tool to convert OST to PST on MS Outlook. The most common reasons that are accountable for OST file corruption are highlighted below:

Because of file system error: File system error may damage the file structure. Because of this, some parts from the OST file will be lost, which makes the OST file unfinished.

Due to network problem: Due to network error or fluctuation in connection, the OST file will gets corrupted also it becomes inaccessible unless and until, you repair it.

Due to OST file exceeding the size limit: If an OST file exceeds the particular size limit of Outlook, then OST file could get corrupted.

Due to power surge: Due to sudden power surge, your computer can get shut down and conversion process is going to be affected. Due to this, OST file gets corrupted and you will not be able to restart your conversion process.

With the help of this utility, you are able to convert OST to PST files. It is compatible with almost all the OST files that have been created on Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 5.0, 2003, 2000, 2007 & 2010. It is simple to download this tool for the recovery results.

Recovering of data from SD card after loss occurs

SD Cards are employed to save the data in portable and compatible format. What SD means? SD is secured digital meaning to save the digital files in a secured manner. Where SD cards are utilized and exactly how supportable to items are they?
SD cards are used to save the data and are employed in most of the devices, like mobiles, cameras, and even you can use with computers to keep a date.
Data storage and usages of card in devices:
Devices use cards to increase the memory, like cameras are generally featured with inbuilt memory however, if needed can be extended through the use of SD cards. These cards are extremely delicate and simply get corrupted or could get physically damaged simply in order that they have to be used very calmly and steadily.

Different ways to get back lost data?
Though it is recommended to utilize the card sensitively but people generally stay away from the doings and face data loss from SD cards. Still if the data is lost from the card it has a choice of recovery and that is a choice of recovery in like manner recovery SD cards you need some tools which could recover your computer data from hard disk.

There are numerous recovery tools to save the data from loss but apparently the various tools are simply not that reliable to recover data. Camera used SD cards to save photos like they are not powered with vast memory possibly at the conclusion must extend the memory with cards. At instances these card lose photos and also at the conclusion need software to recover SD card photos.

What differences does it make when card is not used properly?
SD cards and not alone SD cards all of the devices should be used very carefully. On the account of SD cards its always recommended to perform the proper steps to use and also when associated with cameras.

When card is owned by camera than it have to follow some precautions, ejecting the SD card from cameras without using eject option can lead to loss of data, if the camera works with and linked to PC and abrupt ejection without a certain option, while viewing the photos accidental press of delete all button, if connecting the SD card to the system that’s infected from virus will corrupt your data on your card. While clicking photos just abrupt shutdown of the camera due to the battery can cause loss.

Rather it may be easily avoided simply by following defendable steps to protects one’s data like good battery backups somewhere etc. even though you have just about everything but sill can face data loss then you will see just one option left before you that is certainly recovery of SD card so for the deed you need to either use the backups if enriched with or if perhaps not then you can download the software program from internet which may featured you from recovery features.

Recover RAW photos from Digital Camera

Camera captures the images .Photos is taken by photographic camera to capture the memorable moments of human life. With all the growth of technology, higher cameras have come with most advanced technology. Cameras use image sensor which is a solid state device instead of film which was used earlier. The style sensor might be of charge couple device (CCD) or CMOS sensor. The qualities of image taken rely on no. of pixels present in the digital camera. Now cameras appear in many devices like cell phone, laptop, notebook, etc. Each of us take photos from the camera, however latest technology we have been using but nonetheless we are able to lose photos because of human error. Photos are stored initially inside RAW photo format on various storage memory cards including SD, SDHC, MMC, XD and CF memory cards. One serious problem would be to recover deleted images from memory card. RAW photos usually are not modified images hence RAW photos recovery can only be done by photo recovery software.
Some common data loss scenarios that may be mentioned to understand the normal reasons why photos from camera are deleted are just like if you take many photos. The storage of camera could be filled on taking many photos. Now camera will show up message like storage just isn’t enough. You then stick to the camera instruction to delete a few of the photos, producing loss in some important photos together with unimportant one. You could accidently format the digital camera by accidently pressing format option so you lose your photos from the camera. Photos could possibly be deleted accidently by pressing the delete all button whilst you preview your photos. Photos may be deleted because of memory card corruption. Photos could be deleted during transfer derived from one of device to other device. Capturing photos when camera battery is low. Switching from the camera while transferring photos. Photos may get deleted in the event the memory card is abruptly taken out in the card reader.
However, photos are recoverable as when photo is deleted from the storage device just the associated entry in regards to the image files is deleted. Regardless if we format our storage device, it really deletes the book keeping specifics of the image files stored for the memory as the info is still present but it is open to be overwritten by another file. Hence experts recommend to not take new photos after losing data in the memory.
Remo Recover (Windows)- Media Edition is amongst the extremely fast recovery software recommended under above data loss scenarios that’s recommended by some world known software experts and it allow you to completely recover lost camera photos or recover photo from storage device. This recovery tool supports recovery of file types like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, ORF, RAF, MPEG, MOV etc. This recovery tool also supports all popular cameras like OLYMPUS, FUJIFILM, CANON, NIKON etc. you are able to download this fast and efficient recovery software on various systems like Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 that may require 512 MB RAM and 50 MB free space for installation purpose and supports 32 bit and 64 bit PC.